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Belaire Underlay Flooring

BELAIRE Flooring System

Outstanding acoustic and impact sound deadening properties, made natural and from recycled rubber materials.

Highly in demand by many high rise towers in major cities of Australia as pre-requisite by owner’s corporation.

The material is purely made out of rubber from recycled tyres, making it sustainable and ecofriendly.

Available in various thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm

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Product Details


• Outstanding acoustic and impact sound deadening properties
• Reduces hollow clicking sound and reverberations under resilient hard floors
• Option to loose lay, lays perfectly flat
• Can be glued down double stick, substrate to rubber and rubber to finish floor
• Meets BCA requirements for Acoustics (CSIRO Certification)
• 100% recyclable options, cradle to cradle closed loop manufacturing
• Highest density possible, does not compress over time
• Ideal use for and with underfloor heating/cooling systems
• Thicker options will add cushioning and underfoot comfort for soft floor coverings
• All our Belaire Flooring Systems underlays come with a lifetime warranty giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a product that will give you the very best in performance and comfort.

Technical Specification

available products with CSIRO certification:

-acoustec 70% rubber silver foil back 3.5mm thick

-acoustec 100% rubber 3mm thick

-acoustec 100% recycled rubber 5mm thick