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BONA timber flooring care and maintenance, bringing out the best in timber floor for 100 years. The completely natural and essential oil based, solvent and abrasive surfactants free hardwood floor cleaning products promoting health, enhancing longevity and timeless beauty to your timber floor.

BONA 2.5L REFILL $ 30.00
BONA PAD $ 17.90
BONA dusting pad $ 17.90

*Price are correct as of July 2018

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Product Details

Maintenance of domestic timber floors

Bona products have been protecting and maintaining timber floors worldwide for 100 years. An important part of the Bona system is the ongoing care and maintenance of the floor.

The following information will help you keep your timber floor in good condition and looking great. Preventative measures are very important in maintaining timber floors. Install a good quality mat both inside and outside of external doors. Mats should be as large as possible and able to remove both grit and moisture. Whenever possible remove your shoes. This will help reduce the amount of dirt brought into the property and potential impact damage from stilettos. In very heavily traffic areas, such as entrance halls and kitchens, the use of mats should be considered to reduce surface wear. Rugs should be permeable to allow the floor to ‘breathe’. Use felt protective feet on all furniture legs / bases to prevent damage. Similarly make sure that pet’s claws are regularly trimmed to reduce the possibility of scratches and indentation. Wipe up all spillage immediately it is noticed. Animal urine, cooking fats, and other similar materials can damage the floor if left on the surface for any length of time. This may result in permanent staining in some cases. Clean the floor regularly using dry cleaning methods. Suitable methods include the Bona Spray mop system with the Bona Dusting pad, soft broom or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Regular removal of surface dirt and sand will prevent the surface from being scratched. To remove water soluble dirt, clean using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. First dry clean the floor to remove surface dirt, etc. Spray the surface sparingly with Wood Floor Cleaner and clean using the Bona Microfibre Cleaning pad. The mop should be used along the boards wherever possible. Rinse the Cleaning pads regularly in clean water during use and replace when dirty. The pads can be washed in a washing machine after use.

Never wet mop a timber floor. Excessive quantities of cleaner / water may damage the floor by causing it to swell, lifting the board edges and leaving the surface uneven. It may also lead to cleaning product residues remaining on the floor after it has been cleaned resulting in a hazy discoloration being evident. Avoid using household cleaners or polishes on the floor as they may damage the finish and make over coating more difficult in the future If areas of the floor begin to look slightly dull in comparison to the remainder the use of Bona Wood Floor Refresher should be considered. Bona Refresher is designed to restore an even sheen to the floor whilst giving added protection to the surface against future traffic. Most importantly though, floors maintained using Bona Refresher can be refurbished in the future without having to be sanded back to bare timber. Please note that domestic staircases have a specific requirement for slip resistance and Bona Refresher should not be used on stair treads. Thoroughly clean the floor using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Allow the surface to dry. It is very important that the floor is clean as any deposits of dirt, etc. will become trapped beneath the layer of Bona Refresher and will remain visible. Apply an even application of Bona Refresher, with the boards, using the Bona Applicator pad on the Bona Mop. Detailed instructions may be found in the product datasheet. After 2 hours the floor may be traffic and put back into normal use although the replacement of rugs, furniture etc. should be avoided for 24 hours. It is important that the whole floor is treated rather than small areas. Trying to coat small areas will result in a visible difference in sheen level between the coated and uncoated parts of the floor. NB. the sheen level may increase with repeated use of Bona Refresher on low sheen floors. Bona Refresher should not be used on Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip, Extra Matt or Bona Traffic Natural. Regular maintenance of a floor will extend the time before refurbishment is required. Refurbishment of timber flooring is usually related to appearance issues from damage such as scratches or indentations rather than wear. This type of damage can be controlled using preventative measures but inevitably over time the appearance of the surface will deteriorate. Ideally the application of an additional coat of a Bona finish will be carried out before the floor is damaged to a point where a complete refinishing process is required. To refurbish the floor usually all which is required is to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface in accordance with Bona’s over coating instructions before applying an application of the appropriate finish.

Technical Specification


1. BONA SPRAY MOP KIT – Timber floors
-Spray Mop with 1x microfiber cleaning pad
-850ml container ready to use wood floor cleaner

available in:
*850ml spray mop cartridge
*1 litre spray bottle
*4 litre REFILL

details: wax-free polyurethane-based for finished timber floors on polyurethane coated prefinished.
purpose: To restore the appearance of the floor surface that appears dull or worn by filling any minor scratches and giving additional protection to the floor finish. Extends the life of the floor finish system. Not applicable on new surface timber floor.
application: using BONA applicator pad, apply the BONA REFRESHER at the correct coverage rate.
coverage: 30 – 50 m2 per litre

BONA dusting pad – an electrostatic dusting pad for use on timber and hard surface floors. The microfiber threads attract dust, dirt, micro particles and other loose surface deposits.
BONA Cleaning pad – it is designed for use with BONA spray mop system to remove tough stains and surface deposits. Machine washable over 300 times before requiring replacement.

BONA Applicator pad – specifically designed for BONA WOOD REFRESHER to allow smooth even application. Pad must be soaked and thoroughly rinsed immediately after use. Machine washable for multiple times.