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Ornato Loose Lay Vinyl

Ornato Loose Lay Vinyl

Introducing The New, High Quality, Luxury Vinyl Looselay Flooring. Choose between 16 stunning European designs and completely change the way your home looks.

Ornato loose lay tiles represent cutting-edge modular plank technology in luxury vinyl flooring offering the ultimate stylish and practical flooring solution for any home.

The Ornato range offers extremely stylish designs carefully selected to appear similar to timber yet much more practical. The tiles have outstanding product stability, are waterproof, quiet, slip and scratch resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean or repair.

Manufactured to the highest standard in our global leading factory they provide maximum durability, backed by 20 years guarantee.

Installation couldn’t be easier or quicker as the anti-slip backing holds the tiles in place.

We recommend to use our Kerakoll Vinyl adhesives for non toxic, cleaner, greener and healthier living environment and to mother earth. (please refer to miscellaneous – floor adhesives)

Why choose Ornato?

Cutting-edge modular plank technology in luxury vinyl flooring
The fastest and easiest installation available
Glueless installation (or minimal for large areas)
Moisture resistant – perfect for slippery areas such as kitchens or bathrooms
Slip resistant – featuring a top R10 rating
Scratch and scuff resistant – due to 0.50mm PU wear layer
5.3mm thick plank for increased underfoot comfort
Excellent sound and heat insulation – quiet and suitable for underfloor heating
NanoSilver coatings for ultimate protection against bacteria, viruses and molds and a healthier indoor environment
Supreme durability – with a 20 year guarantee available
Fibreglass core layer for outstanding product stability
Anti slip backing to reduce movement
Easy to clean and maintain – just a simple brush or mop
Global leading factory specialising in LVT production to the highest standard
State-of-the-art stylish designer ranges
Low VOCs free of any heavy metal substances

✓VERSATILE DESIGN: Thanks to its cutting-edge molecular plank technology, Ornato Vinyl flooring has been created to be the ultimate stylish solution that will take your home’s style to the next level!

✓TOP-LINE QUALITY: Ornato flooring has been constructed upon the highest quality standards. It’s designed to be top-notch and exceed your highest expectations!

✓HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: Installing your new flooring shouldn’t be complicated or difficult – And when you use Ornato Loose Lay flooring, you know that installation is literally effortless. The anti-slip backing keeps the tiles in place and minimizes the need for adhesives, thus making the installation easier than stealing candies from a baby!

✓BEST FLOORING IN EXISTENCE: Ornato vinyl flooring outperforms other flooring solutions thanks to incredible features like: R10 rated slip resistance, increased underfoot comfort, scratch and scuff resistance, free of potentially harmful chemicals and heavy metals, NanoSilver coating against bacteria, viruses and molds and much more!

Made in Korea

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