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Supreme Floors proudly presents, our affiliation with one of the long standing reputable manufacturer and logger of ecofriendly and renewable building products such as prefinished engineered timber floor, natural based pre-stained with coat completion utilising sophisticated German food grade cured oil – OSMO OIL (the alternative to polyurethane coating), showcasing the unprecendented true sophistication, rich and timeless beauty of each timber grains, knots & fibers. The oil naturally enriches the timber fibers making it luscious and exuded mother nature’s unparalleled beauty. Engineered flooring is composed of multiple layers of structural plywood with veneered timber glued together in a cross-grained lamination that is designed to counteract the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract. Each layer of veneered timber acts as a sound barrier, thus minimizing noise and disturbances.

Our selection of pre-finished engineered floating floors featured a unique moisture film barrier (registered trade mark) that will slow down the moisture effect by approximately ten fold. FSC certified and eco-friendly. Available in Supreme and Project Oak.

light wire brushed and hand scrapped. Supreme Oak at it’s finest indeed.

*Also, available in prefinished solid timber (select grade + minimal featured)*

*all images are only an indication of an actual product*


Product Details

Supreme Floors presents Wonderful Floor Supreme Oak prefinished engineered timber flooring finished with German OSMO OIL, showcasing the unprecedented sophistication, elegance and timeless beauty of each timber grains, knots & fibers.
FSC certified and eco-friendly.

Technical Specification

Project Oak

size: 1860-1900 L x 190w x 15 (random length)

veneer: 4mm

finish: Oil coated/light brushed

colors: Corn, Silver, pearl, grey lime, Han dynasty, forgy, gravel sand, cappucino

Supreme Oak

size: 2200L x 220-240w x 20mm

veneer: 6mm

finish: oil coated/light brushed

colors: Possum, corn, pearl, grey lime, Han dynasty, antique, forgy, silver, doyle, coffee

*OSMO German cured oil available – sold separately