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French Oak

French Oak

Supreme Floors supplies one of the most beautiful wood species, “French Swish oak”. It is known for high tannin levels that make the wood floor, elegant, sophisticated and timeless luxury. These exquisite wood species are cultivated from the neighboring France, the best of Alpine forest using only the premium character grade wood. Every piece has unique beauty presented by tight wood grain, knots and veins. This give French oak more beautiful patina and a classic time-worn look. It has been used in French wine making for hundreds of years and now you can make beautiful floors and wall feature from this exquisite wood. Swish French oak flooring is the best with this wood coming from the French neighbor picked from the best woods in Alpine forests. Swish Oak Flooring is beautifully crafted range of timeless French oak. The signature palette of colours, natural grain characteristics, and finishes have been prudently designed capturing timeless elegance and the essence of oak flooring.

Made in Korea

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