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Ornato Hybrid Vinyl Floor

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Ornato Hybrid Floor

Ornato Hybrid rigid waterproof flooring features a unique blend of design and durability, which allows the flooring boards to be used throughout every interior space, even in bathrooms and laundries where hardwood is typically avoided due to its susceptibility to moisture.

Ornato hybrid floor offers extremely stylish designs carefully selected to appear similar to real French oak timber and Australian timber yet much more practical. Ornato hybrid floors have outstanding product stability, are waterproof, quite, slip and scratch resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean or repair.

Manufactured to the highest standard in our global leading factory they provide maximum durability, back by 25 years guarantee on residential use.

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  • Product Details
  • Technical Specification

Product Details

Wood Floor

Scratch and scuff resistant – due to 0.55mm surface wear layer

Cutting edge modular plank technology in Rigid flooring

Glue less installation with minimal subfloor preparation

The fastest and easiest installation with the patent Valinge G5 locking profile

Slip resistant – Featuring a top R10 rating

5mm + 1.5mm thick board for increased underfoot comfort

Supreme durability – with a 25 year guarantee available

LVT top and bottom layers for outstanding product stability

Easy to clean and maintain – just a simple brush or mop

Low VOCs free of any heavy metal substances

Environmentally friendly

Pre attached IXPE underlay: increase sound absorption and increase comfort when walked on

Phthalat Free

100% recyclable

Technical Specification

Ornato Hybrid Waterproofing Flooring: Technical Specifications
 Type: Engineered Hybrid Floating Flooring
 Thickness: 6.5mm (1.5mm IXPE underlay)
 Width: 229mm Length: 1830mm
 Surface Finish: UV Coating- Anti bacterial
 Edging: Micro-Bevelled Edge
 Profile: Valinge 5G lock
 Installation Method: Floating
 Pack Size: 2.095 m2
 Pack weight: 23 kg
 Boards per pack:5
 VOC Rating: A+
 Wear Layer: 0.55mm
 Construction: Rigid Core; LVT balance layer; Cushion pad
Applications: For use in interior areas of private homes and commercial establishments

Warranty: 25 years for private use / 5 years for commercial use in accordance with the Ornato water proof flooring

25 years Residential Warranty And

Lifetime Structure Warranty