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KeraKoll think, develop and produce innovative solutions that focus on the environment and on improving both health and quality of life by using eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials that avoid the most common illnesses caused by indoor pollution.

KeraKoll’s vision is to interpret GreenBuilding as a new way of building that is kind on the environment, promoting higher quality homes around the world and helping people to live better.

Proudly presents, KERAKOLL – innovative latest generation of eco-friendly materials for building and construction industry, Italy based Manufacturer, formulated products that are kinder on the environment.


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Product Details

Wood Floor

In order to improve the environmental performance of building materials, you first have to be able to measure this performance

The GreenBuilding trend has become increasingly popular around the world due to increasing concerns for the environment, rising energy costs, the widespread awareness of climate change and global warming.

Indeed, buildings have a huge impact on the natural environment and, to make them less harmful it has become essential to tackle climate change issues head on.

Building today is a key factor in global sustainability problems for the following reasons:

• it generates 40% of CO2 emissions;
• it consumes 35% of natural resources;
• it is responsible for 38% of global waste;
• it affects human health (Sick Building Syndrome).

The GreenBuilding rating was created to give the construction industry a new benchmark for the design and construction of eco-friendly buildings using green products that help to make houses and the environment healthier and safer for humans by reducing the impact they have when they are used or destroyed.

The Green Building rating is the standard to measure the environmental performance of building materials, in order to:

• obtain a standardized system measuring the “greenness” of a product;

• improve environmental performance over time;

• encourage manufacturers to develop green products;

• raise awareness of the benefits of Green Building to the wider public;
• pilot the building industry towards sustainable building practices.

The Green Building Rating spans 6 macro sectors of interest to the environment:

• the recovery and recycling of natural minerals;
• the reduction of CO2 emissions into the air;
• the reduced reliance on substances which are hazardous to human health and the environment;
• the quality of indoor air;
• the improvement of energy efficiency;
• the recyclability at the end of life.

Kerakoll’s climate friendly technologies can help to create healthier and more pleasant places to live and work in by playing an active role in reducing CO2 emissions. They can also be used in any kind of building, whether old or new, inside or out, and for any kind of purpose, from commercial to residential, or in schools, infrastructures and the health sector.

Technical Specification

MOISTURE BARRIER Slc® Eco EP21 raises the mechanical resistance of inconsistent substrates and waterproofs them to protect hardwood floors from residual humidity, for a 100% ecofriendly safe laying. Ideal as a vapor barrier before installation of timber floors. Coverage : 30m2 • 100% dry residue • Very high consolidating power • Specifically intended for low-absorption substrates • Ideal for applications in poorly ventilated areas and in renovation work • Suitable for the consolidation of substrates even with underfloor heating systems • Up to 5% CM high residual humidity waterproofing product

TIMBER ADHESIVE Slc® Eco L34 Flex develops a perfect balance between adhesive force and elasticity that guarantees the safe laying of prefinished and traditional hardwood floors on any type of substrate. Coverage : 16-18m2 • Hypoallergenic • No environmental hazard rating • Easy to spread • High coverage • Quick and safe to clean • Anti-shock system technology to guarantee the strength and adhesion in actual working conditions • Ideal for underfloor heating systems

VINYL & ACOUSTIC MAT ADHESIVE Slc® Eco 45/3 forms a strongly anchored film for the safe laying of all types of PVC, cushion flooring, carpeting, any PVC backed materials and to lay rubber (up to 2 mm in thickness) on absorbent substrates. Ideal for acoustic underlay. Coverage : 60m2 • Flooring and walls, for internal use • Easy to spread • Suitable for heated substrates • Ideal for floors which have to bear concentrated loads and withstand the strain of furniture fitted with castors • Ideal for sheets and carpet tiles

25 years Residential Warranty And

Lifetime Structure Warranty